Living a life full of self-doubt

You constantly struggle with uncertainty in your decision making and insecurity in your relationships.

You’re fed up with the nagging feeling that you are never quite good enough.

All the while you are overwhelmed by your emotions yet unsure of how to express them to get what you want & need in life.

And just plain exhausted by the persistent feeling like your failing and falling apart.

Live An Authentic Life

Feel like your genuine self in all aspects of your life

Navigate difficult challenges, circumstances, changes & stressors with intention

Live a life that is aligned with your values

Find your Inner Peace



Mindfulness-Based Psychotherapy

Maternal Mental Health

Newlywed & Wedding Stress

Online Counseling


Let's Work Together


I'm so glad you are here

I provide a strength based, reflective approach to therapy. 

I believe that real change comes when we feel supported and nurtured to reflect on our lives and the challenges we experience. I believe that therapy is a space to create that change and foster self-compassion.

Together we will explore the unhelpful belief systems that have been keeping you stuck and navigate how to break free from the repetitive patterns and expectations that are causing you distress. Becoming confidant and satisfied with all aspects of your life takes a great deal of work, whether you are looking to make sense of your past or concerned about plans for your future, let's start my providing you with the tools to cope with your everyday. 

I encourage you to learn more about me and the work I am proud to do with my clients throughout this website. Reach out with any questions you may have, I look forward to hearing from you.