Navigate the stress of Weddings & Marriage

Even during the exciting times in our lives, our relationships can feel strained and we can feel overcome by emotion.

Prepping for your Wedding


You are prepping for the happiest day of your life, and everyone around is filled with excitement and endless advice. From what customs to incorporate into your wedding to the flowers and vendors to choose, you are met with the challenge of creating your ideal wedding, while simultaneously managing expectations of family members.  During this time, your concerns for the future and making the shift from me to we, may also trigger old wounds and painful experiences. Conflict with your family may be erupting while you work towards creating new boundaries. Your wedding may also be a bittersweet time as the loss of loved ones becomes ever more prominent and your struggling with how to navigate your mixed emotions. Together we will work towards how to navigate the unique experience of planning your wedding and preparing for your future marriage. 

Love & Marriage


The first few years of marriage can be a difficult time as you navigate how to manage your own needs and wants while balancing the needs and wants of your partner.  As cheesy as it sounds your self-identity has changed over night. Finding balance in your life has suddenly taken a new turn as you  your independence, your spouses needs, and the needs of your newly formed family can be in constant conflict. Perhaps you dream of a different type of marriage than the one you were modeled. You may also be navigating differences in religion, ethnicity, customs, and culture as an interfaith or multicultural couple. Together we can work towards how to navigate the difficulties that arise and learn how to be authentically yourself in your marriage. 

Focusing on the Me & the We

Many individuals seek therapy to build their sense of self & self-confidence while they build healthy & strong relationships. I strongly believe that in order to effectively communicate with our spouses we have to first learn to identify and express ourselves fully. Oftentimes, this means working through some of the shame and "masks" we create to keep ourselves protected and from being fully vulnerable with the ones we love. Let's get started on the me as you continue to build on the we.