Discover your inner voice.

The journey to embracing who you are is not an easy one, but sure is worth it.

You may find yourself reactive rather than responsive to stress. You may feel it it physically , which leaves you exhausted, affecting your daily mood, relationships, and work life. When you are faced with disappointment and you are quick to become critical of your actions, thoughts, or feelings, you further become stuck, depleted, and torn down. 

Having to put on a pleasant demeanor while trying to hide your feelings of uneasiness, distress, or discomfort can be downright draining. Feelings of unworthiness, failure, and not being good enough may feel difficult to overcome.

Truth be told, self-doubt is a brutal beast that can leave you spinning and acting in ways that you dislike. Together we will unpack what makes you, you. And understand the barriers that have kept you stuck in a self-doubting space.

Mindful & Strength Based Psychotherapy

Mindfulness is the practice of observing our thoughts emotions, and physical sensation without judgment. When we can shift how we experience our experience and respond to it in ways that allows room for self-compassion, we gain insight and growth. 

I provide a safe and warm environment for you to be seen and heard as your true, authentic self. I am here to guide you in discovering your inner voice, to support you in being confident in yourself and your decisions, and to build healthy and meaningful relationships.