Stop Stressing & Start Creating

Creativity allows us and our children the opportunity for self-expression.

When an artists bares their soul and places it on a canvas, in lyrics or in the form of movement, we are evoked, engaged, and connected. When they take the risk of being vulnerable true beauty is formed. Their daring vulnerability comes with its own set of risks, they could be judged, disliked, or criticized. 

To the dreamers, creators, artists and innovators, thank you for showing us your strength in your vulnerability. Thank you for taking chances, risks, and showing us true grit, emotion and meaning.  When we are vulnerable we are the most courageous, and when we have courage we create change.

We often forget to have a space to create, express, and reflect. Yet, we so desperately need it. We have ample opportunities for creativity, but not a lot of time devoted to it.

Creativity is often overlooked as not a “productive” use of our time. We see that demonstrated in our children's education when the arts curriculums are cut as a result of limited funding.  We see it expressed in our work place when work productivity is valued over innovation.

So let's start 2016 with more creativity as one of many ways to manage our stress. Start exploring pinterest, the arts & crafts store or take up a class in your community. Challenge yourself to do one creative thing each week, heck even once a month is a great start!

  1. Try something new. It's not about being the best or perfecting your creativity, it's about the process of creating! We are allowed to just be creative for creativity sake

  2. Start small and simple.

  3. Create with your emotions. The best part of creativity is the ability to express in forms that speak to you. So weather it is with a pen, a song, or with dance start creating!

Stress is something we will always encounter. If you are finding that the stress in your life has become overwhelming and at some points even debilitating, please call for a free consultation. Counseling can provide a space to learn how to cope with stress and make the changes necessary in your life to live it wholeheartedly.