Filling up your cup without the guilt.

Feeling worthy of self-care and putting yourself first. 

Your selflessness, your ability to be there for others when they are in need is a quality sought out by your friends and family. Your caring demeanor, reliability, and trustworthiness are all part of what makes you so special. You enjoy giving and doing for others but frequently struggle with filling up on self-care of your own. Leaving you drained, depleted, and exhausted.  You find yourself feeling guilty when taking the time for yourself as it doesn't line up with what you "should", "need", or "supposed" to be doing. You feel guilty for saying you can't make your friend's event, or that you are not spending your time on accomplishing items on your extensive to do list. Whether it is self-imposed or felt by others expectations; guilt is powerful. Here's the true dilemma:

Your cup is not bottomless...

Unlike your favorite bottomless mimosa brunch spot, you have a limit. Despite how difficult it is to set boundaries, they are critical to prevent burnout. If not, sooner or later you'll find yourself running on empty barely getting by, and still wanting to be there for others. But the problem still remains that you can not give of yourself when you have nothing left to give. In order to be there for others, you have to be willing to be there for yourself. You have to be willing to say no when you are not in a place of being able to give of yourself. It means not always saying yes to everyone and everything, and being okay with that. By actively putting yourself first your making it possible to sustain being there for others. 

Your cup can be replenished...

Identify when you are in need of a top off. Regularly schedule activities that are not only enjoyable but truly replenish you emotionally, spiritually, and physically. Things that allow you to breathe a little bit easier and make you smile. This is uniquely personal, for some it's getting a cup of coffee with their best friend, while for others its curling up with a new book and a hot cup of herbal tea. Whatever your feel good moments are, do more of them! Keep in mind by cultivating more opportunities that bring pleasure makes it a whole lot easier to accomplish the tasks on your never ending to do list.   

Taking the time for self-care allows you to have more to give and share with others. Most importantly, it is needed for your own health and wellbeing! If you are in need of additional support in putting yourself first, let's chat