Postpartum Depression & Anxiety

Transition to MOTHERHOOD

Everyone's experience of motherhood is different and unique, many women experience overwhelming changes in mood and emotions during pregnancy and following the birth of their baby. You may feel shame or embarrassment over your thoughts and emotions, and begin to feel isolated or lonely. You are not alone on this journey. Therapy can provide solace, support, and nurturing when you need it the most. 


The experience of depression or anxiety during or following pregnancy may carry a sense of shame or guilt. You do not need to be a perfect mother to be the best mother to your child. Changes in your mood; frequent tearfulness, worry, or panic; or feeling overwhelmed by emotions are all treatable.  You are not to blame. Together we will guide you towards recovery and wellness. 

First time mommy support group

Build the support and confidence you need as you embark on this new chapter of your life. The group meets weekly for 90 minutes in a safe and nurturing environment for expecting and postpartum moms.