Finding a child therapist in Los Angeles

Los Angeles is a thriving metropolis with so much to offer in its quality of living. Providing endless spots for entertainment, activities, and exploration for children, yet, when your child is struggling with school, friends, and managing difficult emotions, where do you turn to for help?

As the adage goes, it takes a village to raise a child. In today’s world that village has expanded with access to information at our fingertips and accessibility of that information for children increasing.  Making it that much more important to find the support that strengthens the stability of your family and your child’s well-being. If you are looking for a child therapist in Los Angeles-I’d like to help you find someone who can help.  Here are a few tips to get you started:

1. A whole child approach

A whole child approach takes into account a child’s social, emotional, and physical development and addresses each aspect that makes them who they are as individuals. This approach examines their individual differences and needs, such as their temperament, struggles, and challenges. It addresses when and how behaviors occur and in turn the best way to approach a child to build on their strengths in order to overcome their challenges.  If a child is unable to sit still in class or is timid when around peers, we want to have a broad understanding of what’s underlying these challenges in order to know how to help them.

2. Do they speak child?

Finding a therapist that is able to relate, connect, and help in a way that is understandable and accessible is key in your child’s growth. Most children and adolescence are not able to carry on detailed conversations about their thoughts and feelings without some aid of visuals or creative storytelling or expressing themselves through art and play. Through these modalities children are able to work out and problem solve what they need to in order to grow and change. Finding a child therapist with a background and training in child friendly modalities such as play or art therapy is critical. For instance, when children are faced with transitions in their life such as their parents divorcing, the birth of a new sibling, or changing schools, they need a space to express their emotions in a language that makes sense to them and explore what it is like in their own language.

3. Provide support to you, as the parent

This is something that may vary on an individual basis for therapists. Something to ask about when seeking a child therapist is their ability to work with you as a parent to use the tools that are being worked on in sessions. Many times, therapists only see children for one hour once a week. Leaving so many hours in the week in which crucial skills can continue to be worked on. As a parent its imperative that you are able to collaborate with your child’s therapist. It’s important that you have a connection with the therapy and help you guide you in how to best support your child outside of the therapy room.

I hope this helps you find the right child therapist in Los Angeles. If you are still feeling stuck, feel free to call me at (310) 893-4634 for a free phone consultation. I’d be happy to hear about what is happening and help direct you to the right person. If you are looking for help for your child, you can read more about how I can help here.