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Facing a Major Life Change

Change in your relationship





Change in career


starting school

career change

career indecision


Grief & Loss

Loss of a loved one

Adjusting to a recent diagnosis of a loved one

Adjusting to a medical diagnosis


Looking to Make A Change

Are you ready to make a change, just not sure how or where to start? 

Whether you are struggling with a major life change, challenges in your relationships, career, or experiencing depression, anxiety, or stress; therapy creates an opportunity to rid yourself of the unhelpful beliefs systems that have kept you stuck, and break from the repetitive patterns and expectations that have limited you. Owning who you are and what you want from life requires learning how to ask for what you need to make the changes you desire. Therapy will provide you with the opportunity to explore, reflect, and create the change you desire within the comfort and safety of a therapeutic relationship. I provide insight, gentle reflection, and humor while working towards specified and achievable goals with my clients.  Let's get started.