What's Next?

Facing a cross roads in Your life? Deciding on your next career move? feeling stuck or repeating the same patterns? encountering a major change in your life such as graduation, marriage, or divorce?

With each new stage of life brings with it a new set of challenges. Owning who you are and what you want from life requires learning how to ask for what you need to make the changes you desire. Psychotherapy will provide you with the opportunity to explore, reflect, and create the change you desire within the comfort and safety of a therapeutic relationship. I provide insight, gentle reflection, and humor while working towards specified and achievable goals with my clients.


tired of the la dating scene? struggling with communication in your current relationship? Not feeling supported by your partner?

Whether you are single and dating, or struggling in your current relationship psychotherapy can provide you with the opportunity to create healthy & desirable relationships in your life.  Relationships define our lives, everything we do relies on the relationships we create and maintain. Together we will examine your current interactions and what stands in the way of you achieving your desired relationships.